Presly & Sun has its roots in California. Since 2021, the brand has launched it's iconic men's basic collection in Europe.


While undefined, everyone can describe the California Myth. It’s transformed California into a more state of mind than a place. It’s about music, freedom, sea, beach and Sun. It’s all about honesty, friendship, fun and happiness. The California state of mind is about inclusivity, about tolerance. Here we touch the heart of Presly & Sun.

The logo of Presly & Sun is about giving you a stage to be yourself. It is an expressing for, freedom, music and fashion.


With a refined and subtly basic collection, men today take their responsibility by being thrifty with fashion. By combining timeless style and minimalist design, Presly & Sun transforms your wardrobe into a team of garments that work together. The collection consists of chinos, shorts, T-shirts, polo shirts, knits, underwear, accessories, hoodies and sweaters. Presly & Sun gives you the opportunity to combine endlessly in a easy way.

Presly & Sun claimes the word frugal fashion. Which means we go for the long last quality of goods.

Frugality is the quality of being frugal, sparing, thrifty, prudent or economical in the consumption of consumable resources such as clothes, avoiding waste, lavishness or extravagance.

Presly & Sun believes that design, production, consumption and usage processes can be carried out in a more sustainable and ethical way. 


The inspiration is the heritage of our iconic basic collection. 

These basic clothes need to be of great quality. Why? So you can wear them over seasons. Therefore we want to inspire you to be prudent. Most of all, your clothes are a team, they complement each other and when you experience ultimate comfort, they fuel your self-esteem.

Every piece of clothing is branded with the logo of Presly and Sun. In this way we connect and identify our brand with you. You are Presly & Sun.


With a brand new building on the A58, a piece of California came to Tilburg.

For interview requests, image requests or lending clothes. Please send an e-mail to info@preslyandsun.com. 

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